Pre Natal Yoga

I have been doing my pre natal yoga at The Yoga House In Bandra for about 3 weeks now and can’t get enough of it. When I started we had a young lady taking the class. Beautiful shape and very calm and softly spoken, just sitting in her class was relaxing. This last week we have the original instructor back from her holidays. She is exceptionally aware of the changes all her students are going through and often comments on changes in their tummy position, ankle swelling and tiredness. It’s always reassuring to know she’s keeping an eye out for things we might miss.

I thought pre-natal yoga would not be particularly strenuous and that I might only learn some breathing techniques. I was wrong. My thighs have been stiff for 3 days now thanks to our last session. There are normally no more than 5 of us in the class and we therefore receive a lot of one on one attention and correction throughout the hour long session. The instructor knows each women’s ailments and will adjust the poses accordingly. The last session focused on back strengthening since 2 women had asked about back exercises to do. More over the instructor will commentate throughout on the benefits of each pose, going into such detail as ‘string thighs will assist in labour’. The breathing techniques learned are also relevant to labour… I can only tell how useful once I’ve been through it myself!

The Yoga House is also a health food cafe, so you could grab your dinner there afterwards or have a pre-session snack. I’ve only tried it once so can’t comment on the food.

The Yoga House
53 Chimbai Road (behind St Andrews Church), Bandra West
Course of 10 classes – Rs 5,000
Pre Natal Yoga – Tuesday 4.30pm, Thursday 4.30pm
F –
T – 022 655 45001


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