December Squat-a-thon

Before becoming pregnant keeping fit was a big part of my life and I was determined to keep it that way all the way through pregnancy. In the first few weeks I tried to keep up the cycling and running until Mr Maternal said they cycling was too dangerous (cycling from Bandra to NCPA at 4am every Tuesday for 3 hours probably was a bit ambitious) and running started to really hurt my back. With nowhere to swim (we are not members of any private clubs here) meant I was left with few options. I have continued with the gym where I use the cross trainer and bicycle as both are easy on my joints and I now do pre-natal yoga.

However, I have started a squat-a-thon for December, not so sure yet about 70 squats on Christmas day, but I guess it’s not like I’ll be drunk like usual so I’m sure I can squeeze them in.


Squats are not only great for a strong lower back and thighs and a rock hard bottom, but my reading and research tells me having strong thighs for labour can really ease and assist! So what’s not to love. Whenever I’m tiring and feeling a bit won, I think about how tired and exhausted I will be during labour and that I’ll always have to keep going, that’s what spurs me on to finish the set!



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