Great snacks for the Pregnant Women

I am an eater, a big eater. I am always teased by my family and friends about how much I eat and I have always stated that the only reason I work out is so that I can eat what I want. Imagine my joy at becoming pregnant and being able to milk the “i’m eating for two” line… In fact I was quite restrained, I was determined not to fall into that trap but instead to continue taking care over my nutrition. Since working for the Foundation I have also learned so much about how important good maternal nutrition is from the day of conception. With this in mind, I wanted to find some snacks that were healthier than peanut butter on toast (never mind the can you – can’t you question over peanut butter)!

Here’s a taster of what I have enjoyed so far:

Edamame – Immature Soy Beans 220px-Edamame_by_Zesmerelda_in_Chicago
These are readily available on the market (I go to Pali Naka vegetable market) during their season, which is towards the end of monsoon until late November. A large pack costs about Rs100, which is not cheap by Indian standards, but still reasonable for a health snack.
Wash the beans, cover them in lots of salt whilst a pan of water boils. Add salt to the boiling water, boil the edamame for about 5-7 minutes, remove from the pan, drain, cover in salt and serve.
Soy beans are high in carbohydrates, protein and dietary fibre. The salt is also thought to help moderate bloating and water retention and is thought to be one of the few things that a pregnant women can indulge in without too much worry. You can read more information from here

Chikku Milkshake

Chikku Milkshake (C) Ruchi

Chikku Milkshake (C) Ruc

Chikku is a small brown round fruit that you can find on any veg stall in Mumbai. They are very cheap.
Remove the skin and deseed the fruit, chop or use a electronic  mixer if you have one. Add a cup of milk, preferably cold. Add some honey or sugar if you like. Done!
The milk is good for fat and calcium (which the baby rapidly depletes from you) and the chikku is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.

Chopped Carrots
Carrots are so readily available, so delicious and so cheap! I buy a load on Monday morning and then peel and slice and keep in the fridge. I carry them with me whenever I’m out for a long day and can’t be sure where or when my lunch will be coming from.

Also readily available but not so cheap. I packet of about 100g will normally last me a couple of weeks (but can cost up to rs225). A small munch on some almonds normally gets me through to the next meal.


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