25 Weeks – Glucose Test

The results from my first blood test had shown that I had slightly high sugar levels, so at 25 weeks our doctor decided to send me for the “Glucose Test”. This consisted of me arriving at the hospital at 9am on a Monday morning, having fasted for 12 hours previously (I managed to sneak that Sunday night pizza in just in time!). I had a blood test and had to give a urine sample on arrival, after which I was asked to drink a very sweet and syrupy concoction which did not taste great. I was sent away for an hour and upon my return had to give blood and do another urine sample. I repeated this process again another hour later. Pretty boring morning as far as I’m concerned.

My results were ready by 6pm as usual and I was able to download them from the L.H. Hiranandani website which is very useful. Turns out my sugar levels after fasting were a touch high (still within ‘safe’ parameters, but still a touch high), however after the syrupy drink my levels were normal. This, the doctor told me, meant that when I don’t get little amounts of food often enough my body’s sugar levels rise, but that my insulin levels are sufficient to combat any sugar I do consume.

The most important news was that I did not have pregnancy diabetes and was therefore not going to be put on a strict pregnancy diet. I am to watch my sugar intake and ensure that I eat little amounts regularly.

Watch this space.


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