34 Weeks – Breech Presentation

After 2 weeks in Dubai, the doc wanted to see us again to check on my Amniotic Fluid levels, everything at the appointment was very positive, my weight gain was according to plan, baby’s heart rate was clear and strong, my blood pressure was normal and from palpating my tummy the doctor suggested that baby was now head down and doing well. Ahh, relief.

Doctor had asked us to get another scan done so that a colour doppler test could be done. Colour Doppler tests allow you to see how much blood is flowing to and from certain parts of the body. It’s a good indication that everything is working properly internally and can advise of any clots or issues that need to be addressed. I was asked to have one of these because of my low amniotic fluid; the doctor wanted to make sure there was no constriction around the cord affecting blood flow to the baby.

The good news is that all blood flow is normal, strong and regular. Phew. I am still on the low side where amniotic fluid is concerned. This time the sonographer did an AFI reading (Amniotic Fluid Index – measuring 4 pockets of amniotic fluid depth in 4 quarters of the womb). Our reading was 7cm, which is within range. Slightly on the low side, but still within the 5cm-25cm range.

The bad news is that baby is breech. I got so angry with the sonographer who, within 5 seconds of putting his transducer on my tummy, nonchalantly said “baby is breech”. We had just come from the doctor who had confirmed it was head down, so this was a shock. Mr Maternal asked him to check again and explained what the doctor had said, his quick response “nope, definitely breech”. Offering no more information or advise. I was beginning to get upset, both with being breech but also with the sonographers bedside manner, or lack thereof. Mr Maternal, seeing my anger rising, asked him “so what can be done?” His rash response “nothing now, probably have to have a C-section”. Does he not realise he’s dealing with emotional, hormonal women? He can’t just band about statements like that without wondering how it might impact his patient. Especially when I know it’s not true. My sister had her breech baby successfully turned by External Cephalic Version at 36 weeks. In addition, many breech babies can turn on their own right up until the 40th week. Still, at the time, I was shocked and upset and tears started to flow down my cheeks. The sonographer, apparently unaware of my emotional state continued on his crusade and said “oh, baby is small”. Again, Mr Materanl had to encourage more information from him…”too small, or just on the small side?”. “Well, the growth rate is fine, the baby is just a bit smaller than average”. Again, being ‘a bit smaller than average’ is not the end of the world or anything to worry to about so why is he saying such dramatic statements like “baby is small”. Ugh. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.

Finally the scan ended, me red faced and in tears, Mr Maternal desperately concerned and the sonographer? Oh, he just handed me tissues (for the gel on my tummy, not the tears) and walked out. Great bedside manner. Thanks for seeing to my needs and asking me what I was upset about!!

Anyway, rant over. I am now getting myself in the Breech Tilt every day! I haven’t tried the cold peas but we do play music to the bottom of my uterus every night… enticing baby to turn head down! Who knows.

Watch this space…


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