Pick a Song

During our ante-natal classes our midwife explained to us that if we picked a song and played it to our baby every day, studies had shown that when that same song was played to our baby outside the womb, she would feel calm and reassured. In short, it would make her feel ‘at home’.

We chose Mumford and Sons, I will wait (listen here), and indeed we would play it every evening before bed. Our baby, Annabelle, was even born to this same song.

It was not until 4 weeks later, when I was having a rough time with Annabelle and could not find anything that would settle her, that I tested the theory. It had been 3 hours of shh’ing, rocking, cuddling, feeding, burping and still she was howling. Suddenly I remembered this idea of using a specific song to soothe a baby and so I grabbed the iPad and hit play on Babel (the Mumford and Sons album). I am not exaggerating when I say it took less than 10 seconds for Annabelle to stop crying and lye calmly in my arms. I am not saying she went off to sleep in 2 minutes. But the calming effect was undeniable. She lay there peacefully for about 20 minutes, allowing me a chance to regain my composure.

Additionally it later transpired that our midwife used to babysit Marcus Mumford. How ironic! She sent the picture below to him, saying that this new life had been brought into the world listening to the music he created!

I have used it once since and again, it did not let me down. Textbook, both times.

If you are pregnant now, I highly recommend choosing a song now. You will appreciate it later!

Annabelle and Mumford

Annabelle and Mumford


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