Becoming Annabelle’s Mum

I am sure it is something most new mums or ex-career women can relate to. Before, I used to wear a jacket to work, sometimes a suit, always makeup and heels. I used to pass out my business card at meetings and discuss ‘strategy’ and ‘budget’, I used to go to early morning networking events and evening drinks. Then I had a baby.

Taking Selfies...

Taking Selfies…

Now I wave goodbye to my husband with a baby on my hip, dirty hair scraped back and normally a touch of vomit on my shoulder. Getting a shower is now the norm, but I don’t always bother with the slap and I usually just throw my hair up in a ponytail. Strategy normally relates to sleep and budget would only be discussed when talking about cots or car seats. How things have changed.

I used to introduce myself as Amy H, sometimes depending on the situation I might have to say “Matt’s wife”. Now, more often than not I will say “Hi, I’m Amy and this here is Annabelle”; I’m Annabelle’s mum! Not Amy or even Mrs H!

I don’t really mind. I enjoy it for the most part. I am lucky that I get to spend time with Annabelle, I am grateful to have friends to meet with and to talk about feeding strategy and pram budgets.  And one day in the future I hope to don my sleek black dress, suit jacket and heels again, hand over my business card and say “Hi, I’m Amy H” but until then I’ll wear my sick medals with pride.

Getting covered in food.

Getting covered in food.


Worrisome Mothers

When your baby is first born you worry about everything. And I mean everything. Especially in Mumbai you worry about the water, the dirt, to have vaccinations or not to. But the world over a mother worries whether their baby is eating enough, sleeping too much, not alert enough. “Is this normal?” is all a mother thinks in the first few days.

As the days move into weeks the worries become more related to what we’ve read; should I stop nursing my baby to sleep? Should I stop rocking my baby to sleep? Should I start sleep training? Should I stop feeding on demand? We worry about creating bad habits and not being able to break them. And sometimes we worry so much a whole week has passed and we missed the first smile or some other milestone.

Happy Baby!

Happy Baby!

When it’s time to wean we worry about choking, we worry about food groups, we worry about overfeeding, underfeeding, allergies, gagging. The list is endless! I have just come out of a phase worrying about Annabelle’s weight and her eating habits, turns out it’s all fairly normal!

Then there’s crawling and standing, crusing and walking. We could worry about the dirt, about the falling, about putting things in their mouths. In fact, what’s not to worry about? Ha!

On top of all these I tend to find myself worrying about Annabelle’s teenage years; how do I stop her getting into drugs? How will I ensure she’s happy, confident & hard working? Goodness me…pass me the wine…!

Don't fall!

Don’t fall!